1.  Are the straws gluten-free?  YES!  

2.  Are they clean?  YES!   The wheat stems are boiled multiple times, air dried and handled by people with gloves.

3. How are they made?  After the wheat reaches maturity, the farmer uses the top of the wheat for grain.  The wheat stem is used for animal bedding and wheat straws!  Brilliant! 

4.  Are they eco-friendly?  YES!  They are completely environment-friendly.  After using, feel free to use the compost and they will go back in the soil just as a normal wheat stem does. 

5.  Will they get soggy?  NO!  Unlike paper straws, they won't get soggy.  The wheat stem is naturally water resistant.  Furthermore, it takes YEARS for a tree to grow back after cutting it down for a paper straw.  The wheat plant takes one year to grow back.